Currently, the most dynamic industry sector, technology, media and telecommunications firms including traditional broadcast and print media firms need to be in London. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of both the immediate and long-term needs of today’s rapidly-evolving tech, media and telecoms firms.

We factor in requirements for round-the-clock operations, increased IT infrastructure, operational efficiency, unpredictable staff growth and the need for ‘greener’, more flexible working space.


Across all related sectors, we will secure the right deal terms for the specific lease required by the business looking to fuse first-class office space with cost-efficiency. In addition, our agents offer exceptional value, knowledge and expertise in an increasingly volatile market including lease renewals and cross-examining moves on both terms, identifying short, medium and long-term opportunity costs.

Our services include disposal and acquisition, lease advisory, development, and site consultancy and bespoke investment advice.

For professional services firms, we provide a clear and concise understanding of the need for cost-effective operational efficiency, workplace productivity and more innovative, flexible and fluid working practices.


The commercial property requirements for financial institutions require alignment with a volatile business environment. We understand the delicate balance between the need for prime, centrally located space, cost controls and the need to be close to competitors and clients.

Businesses in the investment management space such as hedge funds, investment managers, asset managers, private wealth firms, stockbrokers – require flexibility, upward scalability and adaptability as well as first-class office space.

We understand that space needs to be both geographically well-located and reflective of their brand, industry standing and clientele. We draw on our experience in agency, lease advisory and related services to match each firms’ requirements with relevant, suitable office space