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Office Agency

Office Agency

Leasing offices in London's West End is what we do. It is the cornerstone upon which our business is built.

The partners and staff at BDG Sparkes Porter know and understand the subtleties and nuances of the constantly evolving market in which we operate.

As a landlord, you need your agent to:

  • Follow up enquiries
  • Be available, transparent, honest and insightful
  • Offer strategic, relevant advice

As an occupier, you need your agent to:

  • Understand the brief and provide only relevant options
  • Realise the best terms
  • Ensure the costs and lease conditions we secure will protect your business both immediately and in the long-term

As a service provider, the exponential growth and success of BDG Sparkes Porter is fundamentally down to nurturing client relationships; about offering a service that exceeds expectations and about guaranteeing expediency and a professional, committed approach to everything we do.

For more information, please contact Paul Gold, David Brogan or Gregory Porter.